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23 March , 2020  

Indian pharmaceutical companies are ready to provide Ukrainians with antiviral drugs, the Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IPMA) has said.
“The leading Indian pharmaceutical companies represented by IPMA in Ukraine are ready to assist Ukraine in providing it with high-quality and effective medicines, including antiviral drugs, which have recently been used in the fight against the coronavirus disease COVID-19 in the world,” the association said.
IPMA also reported that Indian doctors have noted some success in treating COVID-19 with drugs such as LPV/r, Oseltamivir, Ribavirin and Chloroquine.
“At the same time, it is probably still necessary to observe patients in order to reach a final conclusion,” the IPMA said.
At the same time, the association said that Indian family companies, which are one of the world leaders in the production of drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, will be ready for a possible increase in supplies to Ukraine if the country makes such a decision.
“So far, such negotiations are not conducted, but we are ready for them,” the IPMA said.
At the same time, the association said that Indian pharmaceutical companies have sufficient capacity to meet increasing demand.
“Like any state, in connection with the current situation in the world – the COVID-19 pandemic, India should protect its citizens first of all. But for now, our manufacturers have enough capacities to provide other countries [with drugs] as well,” the IPMA said.
The association said that currently, due to the lack of air traffic, there are some difficulties with the delivery of goods from India, including drugs, while there are no delays in customs and interruptions in logistics.
The range of orders that come from pharmacies and medical institutions as a whole has not changed, but, in addition to ordinary orders, there is a demand for masks and disinfectants.

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