Business news from Ukraine


1 March , 2021  

The fishing regime in the Black Sea for 2021 entered into force on March 1.
According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine on Monday, the approved fishing regime and the rules for catching aquatic living resources in the Black Sea for industrial fishing for this year have determined the tools and places of catch, the requirements for the fishing vessels and the conditions for the spawning prohibition.
According to the Ecology Ministry, the annual limits defining the amount and type of living aquatic resources allowed for catching are presented on the ministry’s website.
According to the documents, in the Black Sea this year, the limit for catching sprat is set at 20,000 tonnes, mullets – 920 tonnes, shrimp – 750 tonnes, grey mullets – 620 tonnes, Black Sea herring – 510 tonnes, and Black Sea turbot – 158 tonnes. The catch of gobies, redlip mullets, European anchovy, sprats, clams and rapa whelks is not limited.
In addition, the Ecology Ministry is currently working on the approval of fishing regimes in fishery water bodies of Ukraine, so that fishermen can start their activities as soon as possible.