Business news from Ukraine


10 July , 2020  

Prices of industrial producers in Ukraine in June 2020 decreased by 2%, while in May by 0.6% with an increase in April by 0.1%, in March by 1.8%, in February by 0.1%, in January by 2.5%, the State Statistics Service has reported.
The service clarifies that within the country in June from May 2020, the prices of industrial producers fell by 2.8%, while for deliveries outside the country they increased by 1.2%.
In annual terms (compared to the same month last year), in June 2020, industrial prices fell by 4.6%, in May by 5.1%, in April by 2.6%, in March by 4.2%, February by 6.8%, January 2020 by 5.9%.
In the first half of this year, compared with the same period in 2019, industrial producer prices also decreased by 4.9%, from the beginning of the year (June 2020 from December 2019) they increased by 1.8%.
According to the statistics agency, prices in mining and quarrying in June compared to May of this year fell by 5.2%, in particular, in extraction of crude oil and natural gas by 19.1%, in extraction of coal by 2.5%, while in extraction of metal ores they rose by 3.4%.
Last month, the price increase in production of coke and oil products amounted to 11.4%, chemical products some 8.4%, woodworking 0.7%, pharmaceutical manufacturing 0.6%, and in processing industry 0.6%.
At the same time, tariffs in the supply of electricity, gas and air conditioning fell by 7%, metallurgy production by 3.1%, engineering by 0.4%, textile production by 0.3%.