Business news from Ukraine


23 April , 2019  

Inkerman Ukraine LLC plans to increase wine production to 7-8 million bottles per year in 2019 compared to 7 million bottles in 2018, director general of the company Hanna Horkun has said.
According to her, the company intends to open several export markets in 2019, in particular, China, Japan, the Baltic countries, Nigeria, and Poland.
“In the Ukrainian market, we rank third following Villa Krim and Koblevo, and our export share is still scanty. In 2018, we had a goal to stand on our feet in our domestic market. At the same time, we have been exporting goods to Canada for a long time, exported sparkling wine to Switzerland,” the expert said.
She noted that the first shipment to China will be in June 2019.
At the same time, this year Inkerman plans to increase its share in the domestic market by redesigning the classic collection, penetrating the regions and launching the new Prima Maria line.

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