Business news from Ukraine


11 November , 2020  

PJSC JT International Company Ukraine, one of the largest tobacco companies in Ukraine, plans to allocate UAH 311.76 million to pay dividends to shareholders for 2018-2019.
According to the company’s statement in the information disclosure system of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission on Tuesday, the shareholders intend to approve the payment of dividends at an extraordinary general meeting scheduled for November 26.
“The retained earnings of the company, formed as a result of activities in 2018 in the amount of UAH 32.05 million, are planned to be distributed as follows: a part of the profit in the amount of UAH 32.05 million will be used to pay dividends to the company’s shareholders, UAH 32.23 per one ordinary registered share,” the company said.
In addition, it is proposed that the retained earnings of JT International Company Ukraine for 2019 in the amount of UAH 279.71 million be partially allocated for the payment of dividends to shareholders – UAH 279.7 million, UAH 281.26per ordinary registered share of the company.
The total number of shares as of November 20, 2020 (as of the date of compiling the list of persons who are notified of the general meeting) is 994,457 common registered shares.
JT International Company Ukraine is part of the Japan Tobacco Inc. group of companies (JTI). In Ukraine, it owns the Kremenchuk tobacco factory (Poltava region).