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29 September , 2017  

ALMATY. Sept 29 (Interfax) – Kazakhstan is ready to begin WTO consultations with Ukraine about the anti-dumping duties on steel pipe imports within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Kazakhstan’s Ministry of the National Economy said.
“Kazakhstan is ready to conduct consultations with our Ukrainian counterparts,” the ministry said.
The schedule of the talks is now being discussed, it said.
“The procedure for the investigation and application of anti-dumping duties is regulated by the EAEU agreement, which fully complies with WTO rules,” the ministry said.
“Regarding the issue raised by Ukraine, the anti-dumping duties were applied with respect to certain types of steel pipes imported from Ukraine in June 2011. The anti-dumping investigation proved damages to Kazakhstan’s producers and the existence of dumping, while Ukraine has the right to protect its own interests,” it said.
The introduction of the anti-dumping duty does not terminate imports.
“The imports continue, but only on the condition that the anti-dumping duty be paid to restore the competitive environment for local producers,” the ministry said.
Ukraine initiated a WTO dispute against Kazakhstan’s anti-dumping duties on certain types of steel pipes imported from Ukraine.
The anti-dumping duty is currently 18.9-37.8%, depending on the type of the product.
Ukraine’s pipe exports to the EAEU totaled 330,000 tonnes worth $373 million in 2014, 138,000 tonnes worth $133 million in 2015, 151,000 tonnes worth $111 million in 2016, and 76,500 tonnes worth $63 million for the six months of 2017.
Interpipe is Ukraine’s largest pipe and wheel manufacturer.