Business news from Ukraine


19 November , 2021  

Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group has invested UAH 200 million in lime burning capacities, the press service of the group told Interfax-Ukraine.The company said that lime kilns were built in Rozvadiv, Lviv region. They will work 24/7, which will create additional 50 jobs. The new lime kilns will be part of the production complex, investments in which have already amounted to EUR 45 million.“We started the creation of a production cluster in Rozvadiv in 2020. It will include a quarry for extraction of high-quality sand, a plant for production of aerated concrete blocks, a plant for production of dry mixes and facilities for burning lime. This will create additional jobs and give additional acceleration to the economy of the entire country,” Director General of Kovalska Group Serhiy Pylypenko said.As reported, in 2020, Kovalska Group acquired an industrial complex with an area of 140 hectares in Rozvadiv, Lviv region. It includes: sand and limestone quarries, shaft kilns for calcining lime, a workshop for production of mineral powder and a plant for production of silicate bricks. Now in Rozvadiv, Lviv region, the construction of a plant for production of dry building mixtures of the Siltek brand is underway. The production capacity of the enterprise will be 150,000 tonnes of mixtures per year.Kovalska Industrial And Construction Group has been operating in the construction market of Ukraine since 1956. It is a leading manufacturer of construction materials, developer and builder of the country.

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