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22 May , 2020  

KSG Аgro on May 19, 2020 completed the sowing campaign 2020 launched on April 8, and sunflower, maize and sunflower, maize and sorghum were sown on 10,420 ha.

According to a press release of the agricultural holding, 8,060 ha were allocated for sunflower, 1,810 0 ha for corn, and 548 ha for sorghum.
“Weather conditions, in particular the absence of heavy rainfall, contributed to the successful sowing campaign. Favorable weather conditions allowed the sowing campaign to be carried out without delays or halts,” Board Chairman of KSG Agro Serhiy Kasianov said in the press release.
Last year, 13,100 ha were sown with grain and oilseeds, of which 8,300 ha were allocated for wheat, 2,300 ha for barley, and 2,500 ha for rapeseed.
The vertically integrated holding KSG Agro is engaged in pig breeding and production, storage, processing and sale of grain and oilseeds. The holding’s land bank in Ukraine totals about 21,000 ha.
According to the agricultural holding, it is among the top five pork producers in Ukraine.