Business news from Ukraine


2 May , 2022  

Agroholding KSG Agro in 2021 increased its net profit by 16 times compared to 2020 – up to $20.27 million, EBITDA doubled – up to $12.28 million.
According to the holding’s report on the Warsaw Stock Exchange website on Monday, its revenue for the specified period increased by 44% to $30.75 million.
KSG Agro for the reporting period doubled its gross profit – up to $12.95 million, operating profit – one and a half times, up to $10.63 million.
“The past year, thanks to our efficient work and a number of circumstances, was successful for us. Thanks to the right selection of technologies and favorable weather conditions, our crop yields set a record for the last 10 years. In the pig segment, we received good intermediate results from our long-term project for the renewal of the pig population sows of Canadian genetics Genesus”, – commented on the results of the holding’s work, the head of its board of directors Sergey Kasyanov.
According to the report, the working capital of the agricultural producer by December 31, 2021 increased by 9.5 times compared to December 31, 2020 – from $1.1 million to $10.6 million.
Last year, the agricultural holding increased profits in the crop segment by 2.2 times compared to 2020, to $18.3 million, while in the livestock sector it increased by 9%, to $11.2 million.
According to the report, the agricultural holding collected 31.02 thousand tons of wheat in 2021 (+ 72% by 2020); 18.21 thousand tons of sunflower (+55%); 8.56 thousand tons of barley (+76%); 9.33 thousand tons of corn (an increase of 3.4 times) and 0.76 thousand tons of rapeseed (a decrease of 3.6 times).
The number of sows at KSG Agro last year increased by 3% – up to 5.56 thousand. At the same time, the total number of animals (pigs and piglets) for the specified period increased by 5.5% – up to 43.7 thousand heads.
“Currently, management assesses the risk that any fighting will reach the group’s pig farm as low. The group also temporarily moved its headquarters from the city of Dnipro to Chernivtsi, close to the western border of Ukraine and away from Russian aggression,” the group said. in a group message.
As of December 31, 2021, the agricultural holding’s assets increased by 13.5% compared to the same date in 2020, to $71.44 million, while its current debt obligations decreased by 20.4%, to $25.74 million, and long-term liabilities – by 11%, up to $22.36 million.
The vertically integrated holding KSG Agro is engaged in pig breeding, as well as the production, storage, processing and sale of grains and oilseeds. Its land bank is about 21 thousand hectares.
According to the agricultural holding itself, it is among the top 5 pork producers in Ukraine.
KSG Agro in 2020 reduced net profit by 3.2 times compared to 2019 – to $1.27 million, revenue – by 11%, to $21.34 million, while increasing EBITDA by 2.9 times – to $6, 02 million
The owner and chairman of the board of directors of KSG Agro is Sergey Kasyanov.