Business news from Ukraine


12 November , 2018  

The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development is ready to provide Ukraine with a loan for investment projects in the field of cancer treatment, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health said on its official website. According to its data, the issues of cooperation were discussed at the fourth meeting of the Ukrainian-Kuwaiti intergovernmental commission on economic, technical and trade cooperation. “In particular, the parties discussed investment projects for cancer treatment and bone marrow transplantation. It’s not a secret to anyone that these issues are the most painful for our healthcare system. For example, this year about UAH 580 million has been spent on the Treatment Abroad program from the national budget. That is why we need investment projects that would develop transplantation in Ukraine,” Deputy Health Minister Pavlo Kovtoniuk said.
During the meeting, Health Minister of Kuwait Basel Hamoud Al-Sabah and Kovtoniuk discussed the progress of healthcare reforms in Ukraine.
“The Kuwaiti side is very interested in the changes we are introducing, because in the near future we plan to significantly reform the financing system of this industry. The Deputy Health Minister of Kuwait noted that the system should be as effective as possible regardless of how much money the country allocates for medicine. That is why he considers primary development to be the priority and is interested in our experience,” Kovtoniuk said.

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