Business news from Ukraine


7 December , 2021  

Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport currently focuses on the development of the cargo direction, according to the company’s website with reference to the head of the airport board of directors, Denys Kostrzhevsky, said.
“Now we are focused on the development of the cargo direction and see a significant potential. And for this, it is necessary to build high-quality infrastructure at the airport – freight warehouses, customs warehouses, to establish logistics chains. This is one of our strategic goals,” Kostrzhevsky is quoted as saying.
He noted that the market of passenger and freight traffic in Ukraine will develop at an outstripping pace, since the state has a colossal transit potential.
He also said that at the moment there is another investment direction related to the expansion of the range of ground services and the construction of hangars.
“Hangar storage of aircraft is a relevant service, especially when it comes to small aircraft, which are expensive and, in fact, must be stored in the garage. We put a Mercedes, which costs $100,000, in the garage, while we keep an aircraft for $20 million for some reason under the open sky. And now this service is in great demand on the market,” he said.