Business news from Ukraine


5 May , 2020  

Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport has asked the president of Ukraine, the prime minister, the Minister of Infrastructure and the mayor of Kyiv to take a number of measures aimed at providing assistance for its maintenance in connection with quarantine. The corresponding appeal of Kyiv International Airport and Master Avia LLC was posted on the airport’s website.
The authorities, in particular, are asked to provide financial assistance in the amount of UAH 22 million per month for the payment of salaries to employees and to maintain the airfield and the airport in working condition for the period when it stopped working and quarantine is over until a passenger flow reaches 20,000 passengers per month for departure.
It also asks to remove restrictions for Kyiv Airport in terms of performing flights during the suspension of flights, because, as the company explains, at present, preferences for the operation of transport, business aviation and evacuation flights are provided exclusively to Boryspil airport.
They also ask to allocate a targeted subsidy of $15 per passenger to provide discounts to airlines for a period of 1.5-2 years for the resumption of passenger traffic, provide assistance in refinancing a loan in the amount of $28 million at a minimum interest rate and with a long-term maturity, provide land tax benefits for Master Avia LLC and Kyiv International Airport, create a commission to support the aviation industry with the participation of representatives of Master Avia LLC and Kyiv International Airport.

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