Business news from Ukraine


18 August , 2015  

KYIV. Aug 18 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko and Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun have discussed the prospects of attracting Chinese investment and modern technologies to Ukraine and Kyiv.

“The deepening of cooperation between the twin-cities and attracting Chinese investment and modern technologies to Kyiv and Ukraine was discussed,” the press service of the Kyiv mayor reported on the results of the meeting between the two mayors in Beijing.

“We’ve started introducing technological management of the capital of Ukraine – the Smart city system. We will spread it to all spheres of the city’s activities. Investments into this is required today – both technologies and funds. Kyiv is now more than ever attractive for investing money in various areas: from business to infrastructure projects. I will personally guarantee transparency and attractiveness of work for each investor,” Klitschko said.

He also said that Kyiv is especially interested in investments into its infrastructure, into projects that require large capital investment, including the completion of the Podilsky Bridge, and construction of subway and transport hubs.

Anshun said that Beijing is interested in cooperation with Kyiv in various areas and it is ready to develop such cooperation.