Business news from Ukraine


28 December , 2019  

Kyivstar mobile communications operator has connected 68 more settlements in Zaporizhia, Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk and Luhansk regions to the 4G communication network, the operator has reported.
In Zaporizhia region, the cities of Energodar and Dniprorudne were connected to the high-speed data network, in Poltava region – Hlobyne, in Ivano-Frankivsk – the city of Burshtyn, and in Luhansk – Popasna. In addition to these cities, 4G communications from Kyivstar began to work in dozens of surrounding villages.
As of the end of December, the operator’s high-speed mobile Internet with 4G technology is already available for more than 74% of the population of Ukraine.
To provide the population of Ukraine with access to new communication technologies, Kyivstar has installed more than 8,000 towers that support the 4G standard, and more than 8 million subscribers have already been able to use such communication services.
In November 2019, subscribers in the Kyivstar network used 45% more traffic data than for the entire 2016.
Kyivstar is the largest Ukrainian mobile operator. It provides communication and data transfer services based on a wide range of mobile and fixed line technologies, including 4G. As of the end of 2018, its services were used by about 26.4 million mobile subscribers and about 0.9 million fixed line Internet customers.
VEON Group fully owns Kyivstar. The groups’ shares are NASDAQ-listed.