Business news from Ukraine


31 January , 2019  

The members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine expect the continuation of growth of the Ukrainian economy and the increase of profits in 2019 despite the elections, the co-founder and executive director of Horizon Capital, Lenna Koszarny, has said at a press conference of the organizing committee of Ukraine House Davos.
“We asked the members of our chamber, investors who invested huge money in Ukraine, what they expect in 2019. Some 74% answered growth and profits. That is, they will continue to invest, and these are the investors who understand what is happening in the country, that there will be elections,” she said.
She also noted about raising $200 million to the Horizon Capital investment fund – Emerging Europe Growth Fund III, L.P.
“This is a signal for the market that investors are interested in Ukraine. The investors who entered the fund are $350 billion of total capital,” she said.
Alexa Chopivsky, the Executive Director of Ukraine House Davos, also noted the success of the campaign at the economic forum in Davos.
“Three main conclusions can be drawn from our experience in Davos. First, Ukraine House Davos has created a powerful investment brand. Second, we have opened a window for foreigners and sponsors. Third, we have shown a positive image of Ukraine as a country of creativity, innovations and great opportunities,” the expert said.