Business news from Ukraine


25 June , 2021  

Agroholding Astarta, the largest sugar producer in Ukraine, in July will invest UAH 500,000 in the installation of a technological line for the production of inverted sugar syrup at Novoorzhytske sugar plant (Novoorzhytske, Poltava region), the release of the first batch of products is planned for August 2021, the company’s press service said.
“The main consumers of inverted syrup will be Ukrainian beekeepers. This product can be used to feed bees, since it allows you to preserve the offspring of bee colonies and increase their productivity. Our product will allow beekeepers to increase the efficiency of their apiaries, introduce modern technologies in this process and maintain a leading position in honey production in the world,” curator of the project Ivan Chepak said.
According to the company, inverted sugar syrup is also in demand in confectionery industry, and if the pilot project is successfully implemented, Astarta will expand its production and expand sales markets. Developing this project, the company is increasing the volume of products with a higher degree of processing, forming the added value of its products, the report explains.
As reported, Astarta is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding operating in eight regions of Ukraine. It includes five sugar factories, agricultural enterprises with a land bank of 220,000 hectares and dairy farms with 22,000 animals, seven elevators, a biogas complex and a soybean processing plant in Poltava region (Globino Processing Plant LLC).

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