Business news from Ukraine


23 July , 2019  

Ovostar Union, one of the leading producers of eggs in Ukraine, in January-June 2019 reduced sales of eggs by 10.2%, to 610 million units due to a significant reduction in trade operations.
According to the company’s report posted on the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the company produced 782 million eggs against 787 million units for the same period last year.
Exports grew by 14%, to 335 million eggs, thus, the share of export in the total structure of sales is estimated at 55%.
The group of companies said that the average price of eggs fell by 8.7%, to $0.063/piece compared to the same period in 2018.
As of June 30, 2019, the total number of hens at the holding was 7.6 million, which is 2.7% more than on the same date in 2018. The number of laying hens increased by 4.8%, to 6.5 million.
According to Ovostar Union, the volume of egg processing in January-June of the current year grew by 5%, to 293 million units. Production of liquid egg goods during this period rose by 19%, to 7,210 tonnes, dry egg products decreased by 8%, to 1,530 tonnes.

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