Business news from Ukraine


18 August , 2016  

KYIV. Aug 18 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Lutsk cardboard-paper mill, part of the United Cardboard Company belonging to businessman Mykola Lobov, produced goods worth UAH 241.53 million in January through July 2016, which is 28.8% up year-over-year, according to the Ukrpapir association.

The association said that during this period the mill made 31,600 tonnes of various types of cardboard – 6.4% up year-over-year (mainly packaging cardboard – 27,850 tonnes).

Box cardboard was made in small volumes (1,730 tonnes), as wells as roofing board (360 tonnes).

Cover board production decreased by almost 25%, to 1,710 tonnes. The mill also produced 710 tonnes of pulp.

One more company in the sector under control of the United Cardboard Company – Poninkivsky Cardboard and Paper Mill – increased production by 23% in January-July 2016, to UAH 215.87 million.

The mill more than doubled production of box board, to 35,170 tonnes, and corrugated cardboard packaging output rose by almost 18%, to 40.3 million square meters.

Paper production fell by 2.7% in January-July 2016, to 910 tonnes.

Lutsk cardboard-paper mill LLC was founded on the basis of assets of Lutsk cardboard-ruberoid mill in summer 2012.

The mill produces raw materials for corrugated board production (fluting and test liner), roofing, box and cover cardboard.

In 2015, the mill produced goods worth UAH 404.55 million, which was 67.1% up year-over-year.

Poninkivsky Cardboard and Paper Mill was founded over 200 years ago. The mill produces cardboard and paper.

In 2015, the mill saw a rise of 97.3% in production, to UAH 329.22 million.