Business news from Ukraine


5 February , 2021  

Primary registrations of new commercial vehicles in Ukraine (including heavy trucks) in January 2021 grew by 6% compared to the same month in 2020, to 901 units, despite sales restrictions due to a two-week lockdown, according to the Ukrautoprom association.
At the same time, as in the previous year, Renault vehicles were leaders with sales growth of almost 36%, to 202 units and a market share of 22% (versus 17.5% in January 2020).
Peugeot was in the second position in the ranking (climbing from the third in January 2020) with registration of 97 vehicles (8% more), and Fiat was third (second a year earlier), which registrations fell by 36%, to 90 units.
Belarusian MAZ trucks increased sales by 22% compared to January last year, to 89 units, and this allowed them to improve their position in the ranking from fifth to fourth, and Ford was also in the top five of the month, with sales January 2020 amounting to 84 units.
According to the association’s statistics, sales of Chinese HOWO trucks rose significantly in January to 40 units compared to eight, and a significant drop was demonstrated by MAN trucks – 7 units versus 51 a year earlier.
In January, Russian brands were registered in Ukraine – GAZ (25 units), UAZ (8 units), KAMAZ (7 units), while Ukrainian KrAZs were not on the list.
The association also cites statistics on bus sales (including minibuses) in Ukraine in January: they grew by 7.1%, to 181 units.
The leader in this segment, as in January last year, was Citroen buses with a 3% increase in sales, to 67 units. Ukrainian Etalon buses with registration of 30 vehicles versus 21 units climbed to the second position in January 2020. At the same time, Ataman buses (manufactured by the Cherkasy Bus Plant), which ranked second a year earlier, dropped to the seventh line of the rating, with registrations falling by 67%, to 8 units.
The initial registrations of Belarusian MAZ buses increased 3.7 times, to 22 units, which allowed the brand to enter the top three, and ZAZ buses with 18 cars (three times more) were fourth.
Volkswagen was also in the top five leaders of the bus market (10 units), which in January 2020 did not register its buses.

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