Business news from Ukraine


21 February , 2020  

Kyiv in 2020 will buy 273 modern buses, the press service of Kyiv City State Administration has reported, with reference to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.
“This year we plan to purchase 273 modern buses. We are constantly updating the capital’s public transport park. Over the past few years, we have bought almost 300 units of public transport. These are modern and comfortable buses, trams and trolleybuses,” Klitschko said on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV Channel.
According to him, the capital is developing a new public transport scheme, which will take into account the possibility of convenient transfers from one type of transport to another. Thus, public transport, in particular, will crowd out minibuses and private buses from the city center.
“This is the practice of megacities around the world. In big cities, to get to the center, you have to pay a lot of money, especially for parking. Therefore, many people in the West use public transport. This positively influences traffic and the environmental situation in city,” Klitschko said.