Business news from Ukraine


8 July , 2015  

KYIV. July 8 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Metinvest mining and steel group has established a trade office in Poland – Metinvest Polska.

According to a company press release, the activity of the representative office is aimed at strengthening cooperation with the customers of Metinvest rolled steel and providing them with a prompt and effective service.

The press release said Europe is one of the priority markets for Metinvest Group. The company supplies about 4.4 million tonnes of steel, or 34% of total sales to the region.

Among European countries, Poland is the second largest buyer of Metinvest goods. The Polish economy consumes more than 12.2 million tonnes of steel a year. In 2014, Polish steel consumption per capita increased by 17%. The country is actively involved in regional trade: it imports up to 70% of steel consumed and exports half of production volumes.

In Europe, 20 sales offices and warehouses of Metinvest operate, in particular in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Britain, Romania, and Bulgaria. Overall, the company has sales offices in all the key steel consuming regions. More than 6,500 customers buy steel products and raw materials from Metinvest, and 1,700 of them are European companies.

The Metinvest Group metallurgical enterprises are located in Ukraine and Europe.