Business news from Ukraine


16 August , 2021  

The cost of a virtual monobank is more than $1 billion, bank’s co-founder Oleh Horokhvsky has said.
“Ukrainian monobank is already worth more than $1 billion dollars and is not for sale,” he said on his Telegram channel on Sunday.
According to him, with such an assessment, not a single Ukrainian bank can technically buy monobank.
“Only a consortium of foreign investment funds can handle this ‘candy,” Horokhvsky said.
Monobank was founded in January 2017 by former top managers of PrivatBank Horokhovsky, Dmytro Dubilet and Mykhailo Rohalsky. By October 2017, the bank issued the first thousand credit cards, in February 2018 it started to raise deposits in hryvnia.
The number of monobank clients in November 2020 increased to 3 million people.

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