Business news from Ukraine


14 September , 2021  

Ukrainian banks issued 5,626 mortgage loans worth over UAH 4.4 billion in January-July 2021, which is 2.3 times higher than the indicator for seven months ending July 2020 in the number of such loans and three times in volume, the National Bank Of Ukraine (NBU) said on Friday following the results of a monthly survey of banks.
According to the NBU, 974 mortgage loans for UAH 773.2 million were issued in July, compared with 955 loans for UAH 774.5 million a month earlier.
Some 21 banks reported information on the issuance of mortgages in July, and this is the largest number of market participants since the beginning of the survey in 2018, the regulator said.
The NBU said that the mortgage lending market remains concentrated: the five most active banks have concluded 90% of new deals. Loans for the purchase of housing in the secondary real estate market remain the main driver of the market: in July, their share exceeded 90% of all mortgage loans provided both in terms of the number of contracts and in terms of monetary volume, the regulator said.
The survey results indicate that the average size of a loan for the purchase of housing in July decreased to UAH 793,800 from UAH 811,000 in June, including the average size of a new mortgage loan for the purchase of primary real estate dropped to UAH 760,500 from UAH 851,000, and secondary – to UAH 797,000 from UAH 807,250.
According to the NBU, in July, the average effective rate of a mortgage loan in the secondary market rose to 13.35% compared to 13.32% in June, while in the primary market it decreased to 16.82% from 17.28%.