Business news from Ukraine


15 March , 2020  

The Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) will introduce new tariffs for Green Card policies for people traveling abroad by car from 00:00 on March 13, 2020. According to a report on the bureau’s website, the MTIBU recalculated the cost of Green Card insurance certificates, which are introduced, up 4.9%
The last tariff change was on December 6, 2019 towards a decrease of 4%.
Green Card policies have been implemented since 2009 in two ways: all of Europe; Belarus, Moldova, and Russia. Also, from January 1, 2016, Ukrainian Green Card policies began to operate in Azerbaijan.
According to the MTIBU, the cost of Green Card policies in Ukraine for 15 days for trips in Europe for cars rises to UAH 678 (formerly UAH 647), for buses to UAH 2,548 (UAH 2,430), for trucks to UAH 1,600 (UAH 1,525).
The cost of the Green Card for one month for cars will be UAH 1,080 (UAH 1,029), buses some UAH 3,539 (UAH 3,375), trucks some UAH 2,123 (UAH 2,025).
The cost of six-month and annual Green Card policies for cars will be UAH 4,793 and UAH 5,934 respectively, for buses UAH 12,389 and UAH 23,000, for trucks UAH 10,053 and UAH 18,974 respectively.
The cost of policies for trips to Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and the Russian Federation for cars for 15 days will be UAH 494, one month some UAH 726, half a year some UAH 1,666 and one year some UAH 2,372.