Business news from Ukraine


16 October , 2020  

The Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) from October 19, 2020 introduces new tariffs for Green Card policies for those traveling abroad by road.
According to the report on the website of the bureau, the MTIBU has recalculated the cost of Green Card insurance certificates upwards by an average of 3.3%.
The last change in tariffs was on August 3, 2020, upward by 3.1%.
Green Card policies have been implemented since 2009 in two types: all of Europe; Belarus, Moldova and Russia. Also, from January 1, 2016, Ukrainian Green Card policies began to operate in Azerbaijan.
According to the MTIBU, the cost of Green Card in Ukraine for 15 days for trips across Europe for passenger cars increases to UAH 815 (previously UAH 789), for buses to UAH 3,062 (UAH 2,965), for trucks to UAH 1,922 (UAH 1,861).
The cost of Green Card for one month for cars will amount to UAH 1,297 (previously UAH 1,256), buses UAH 4,253 (UAH 4,118) and trucks UAH 1,922 (UAH 2,471).
The cost of the semi-annual and annual Green Card policies for cars will amount to UAH 5,760 and UAH 7,131 respectively, for buses UAH 14,888 and UAH 27,649, for trucks UAH 12,080 and UAH 22,800 respectively.
Rates on one-time insurance premiums under agreements of international compulsory insurance of car owners’ civil liability were defined by the Ukrainian Cabinet decree dated January 6, 2005, and are calculated in euros.
The Green Card system provides insurance coverage for those affected by a traffic accident regardless of their country of residence and the country of vehicle registration. The Green Card operates in 47 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
According to the decision made by the General Assembly of the Council of Bureau of the Green Card system in Luxembourg in May 2004, Ukraine became a full member as of January 1, 2005.