Business news from Ukraine


11 January , 2018  

Cubomania, a Mykolaiv startup that develops interactive children’s cubes, was selected as one of the top 12 startups for the presentation of ShowStoppers LaunchIt at the Eureka Park specialized exhibit area during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas.
A report posted on the website of the partner presentation company ShowStoppers says that the jury of “pitch” startups at Eureka Park this year include Nicholas Zaldastani, managing director at Zaldastani Ventures, Marita McGinn, manager of hardware products at Indiegogo, Sharona Justman, a co-founder of Step Strategy Advisors, an advisory firm focused on technology and consumer products, and Arthur Rubinfeld, founder of AIRVISION.
The winning company is invited to demonstrate and meet with more than 1,300 journalists expected to attend ShowStoppers.
The top 12 startups selected from 900 companies that applied for participation in ShowStoppers LaunchIt also include such companies as: Athom (the Netherlands) – maker of Homey, the heart of the smart home; Big Boy Systems (Belgium) – an audiovisual system for the creation of educational and professional content; Cardiomo Care (New York) – maker of wearable technology and an analytics platform for heart disease prevention; Cinema Snowglobes (San Francisco) – the beloved nostalgic snowglobe, reinvented for the 21st century; Pebby (California) – a robotics company.
Among the finalists are also Picoo (the Netherlands) – maker of a handheld computer for children; Robomart (California) – a fleet of on-demand, autonomous, self-driving stores for grocery retailers; SolarGaps (California) – solving the world’s energy crisis with a network of distributed-energy solutions for Smart Cities; Velco (France) – designing and selling solutions for smarter, more personalized urban mobility; Stream (the Netherlands) – developer of secure mobile WiFi hotspots with embedded Cloud SIM technology to enable unlimited data in over 100 countries, and Zhor-Tech (France) – maker of smart shoes.