Business news from Ukraine


26 October , 2020  

Naftogaz Group received a feed-in tariff and a license to sell electricity for a new solar power plant in Chudniv, Zhytomyr region.
As the group reported on Wednesday, October 21, the planned volume of productive electricity supply for the first year of solar plant operation, built in September 2020, will amount to at least 36,500 MWh with an expected income of more than UAH 153 million.
Naftogaz clarified that the peak capacity of photovoltaic modules is 33.313 MW, and the capacity at the connection point is 25 MW.
The release states that the plant uses graphene-coated monocrystal photovoltaic modules with one of the highest capacity in its class of 430 W from ZNSHINE PV-Tech Co., as well as SUN2000-185KTL string inverters from Huawei.
“All support elements of equipment and materials are of Ukrainian origin,” the company noted.
“According to the company’s forecasts, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, in particular, carbon dioxide, will be at least 880,000 tonnes. In addition, the project encourages the economic development of the local community, as only Ukrainian specialists, including local residents, were involved in the construction of the solar power plant,” first deputy chairman of the board of NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy Serhiy Pereloma explained.