Business news from Ukraine


15 June , 2021  

Odesa seaport in January-May 2021 handled 8.677 million tonnes of cargo, which is 16.96% less than in January-May 2020.
According to the website of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, during this period the port reduced the transshipment of export cargo by 22.4%, to 5.97 million tonnes, import – by 1.42%, to 2.209 million tonnes, increased transshipment of transit cargo – by 2.82%, to 487,350 tonnes, and reduced the transshipment of cabotage goods – by 74.55%, to 10,620 tonnes.
Transshipment of liquid cargo in Odesa seaport for the specified period increased by 13.37%, to 885,190 tonnes, while handling of dry and bulk cargo decreased by 37.74%, to 2.31 million tonnes, packaged goods – by 8%, to 5.482 million tonnes.
Transshipment of containers in the five months of 2021 amounted to 275,040 TEU (an increase of 1.17%).
As reported, in 2020, Odesa seaport handled 23.370 million tonnes of cargo, which is 7.8% less than in 2019.
The port serves vessels up to 270 meters in length and up to 13 meters draft. The total length of the berthing line is more than 8 km.