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10 October , 2019  

Average vacancy of business centers in Khmelnytsky was 6.7% by August 2019 and by late 2020 it is planned to expand total supply of office space by 24,100 square meters thanks to the launch of eight new business centers, UTG consulting company (Kyiv) has reported.
“In 2018, supply in Khmelnytsky was expanded with two business centers with a lettable area of 8,400 square meters: Luxury class B business center (GLA is 3,700 0 square meters) and Parus class A business center (GLA is 4,700 square meters) However, the main increase in office space in the city was seen in 2016, when 26.4% of the total market supply was built or reconstructed and put into operation, or in absolute terms – lettable area of 12,400 square meters,” UTG Senior Analyst Oksana Gavrilevich told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to her, as of August 2019 in Khmelnytsky there were 19 office buildings with a total lettable area of 51,100 square meters, which corresponds to an indicator of 187.8 square meters per 1,000 inhabitants.
In the structure of supply, business centers of class A occupy 9.2% of the total supply (4,700 square meters), class B – 52.4% (26,800 square meters) and class C – 38.4% (19,600 square meters).
The average vacancy rate in the city’s business centers in August 2019 in terms of classes was: 19% for class A, 7.3% for class B and 2.9% for class C.
The requested rental rates (excluding VAT and OPEX) in office premises in August were: for class A – UAH 300 per square meter ($12), class B – UAH 142 per square meter ($ 5.7), class C – UAH 94.7 per square meter ($3.8).
“For the coming years, office premises are announced for commissioning only in class B. Given the timely commissioning of new projects, by the end of 2021, the total leased area of the city’s business centers will be 65,300 square meters, or 239.8 square meters per 1,000 inhabitants,” Gavrilevich said.

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