Business news from Ukraine


27 April , 2021  

The pharmaceutical company Farmak (Kyiv) is intensifying the development of digitalization in order to scale up its business and build up its presence in world markets.
“Farmak is one of the largest exporters of domestic medicines. To scale up the business and build up its presence in the world, the company digitalizes all production and management processes. A transparent IT system for reporting, budgeting, production planning, sales, workflow, personnel assessment and training has been implemented at Farmak,” the company said in a press release.
According to Chief Information Officer at Farmak Denys Krestov, Farmak focuses on deep industrial digitalization processes.
“We are gradually switching to electronic quality certificates, electronic research protocols, electronic dossiers, e-serialization of products, and so on. Every day the system administration department maintains 30 physical platforms and more than 150 virtual ones that support the operation of business applications,” the company’s press service said, citing Krestov.
Farmak is the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, produces medicines in all 14 therapeutic groups.
Over the past five years, Farmak’s investments in the scientific and technical complex, production equipment, and research activities amounted to UAH 3.4 billion.
JSC Farmak is a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine (AMMU).