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Pharmaceutical company Interchem developing new anesthetic drug

11 January , 2021  

The pharmaceutical company Interchem (Odesa), the double liability company, is developing a new anesthetic drug, preparing an international dossier for it, Director General of Interchem Anatoliy Reder has said.

“The drug will be an anesthetic. It is original, completely new, it is a new molecule. We have been deeply studying it for three or four years,” he said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Reder said that the company will develop a dossier for this drug in accordance with international standards.

“For us in this project, it is important that we first thought about how to form an international dossier of the new drug. For one reason or another, we always had a dossier, either Soviet or Ukrainian. Today we understand that an international dossier is needed, and we want to try making it for this drug,” he said.

Reder said that the company has begun collaborating with an international research organization that will conduct preclinical trials of the new drug.

According to Reder’s forecasts, the development of the new drug could take one and a half or two years.

“We hope that within one and a half or two years the pills will appear in Ukraine,” he said.

Interchem is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country.