Business news from Ukraine


29 March , 2022  

Companies belonging to the Polish Electricity Transmission and Distribution Association have provided Ukraine with auxiliary materials and equipment to carry out work to restore the energy infrastructure damaged as a result of Russian aggression, according to the website of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine on Tuesday.
“Due to the destruction caused by the hostilities, we see the need to support the energy system with materials and equipment, which will allow the resumption of electricity supplies in the most strategic directions,” president of the Polish Electricity Transmission and Distribution Association Robert Zasina said in a letter to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, cited by the department.
As explained in the energy department, members of the association launched a campaign to help Ukraine last week. Among the equipment provided are the most necessary, in particular low and medium voltage cables with auxiliary materials, medium/low voltage transformers, power generators and other types of equipment.
“I would like to express my special personal gratitude to Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland, Anna Moskwa, for her unwavering support for Ukraine, both on the political front and for real actions to strengthen our energy security,” Herman Haluschenko said.
According to the Ministry of Energy, the Polish energy sector will send the next batch of aid to the Ukrainian energy sector in the near future.
Transportation of goods for Ukraine is coordinated and organized by the Polish Government Agency for Strategic Reserves.

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