Business news from Ukraine


30 September , 2020  

Prices for apples in Ukraine are now the highest in the last three years, so the average wholesale prices for apples in Ukraine range within UAH 11-13/kg, the Ukrainian Horticultural Association has reported.
According to a report on the association’s website, the season of local apples is gaining momentum in Ukraine. Ukrainian producers are actively engaged in harvesting autumn varieties of apples, respectively, the supply on the market is increasing every day. Today, the average wholesale prices for apples in Ukraine fluctuate within the range of UAH 11-13/kg. For comparison, at the beginning of September, apple producers were selling their products at 15-20% higher prices.
“Today, prices for apples in Ukraine are the highest, at least in the last three years. In the same period of 2019, local apples were sold on average UAH 1-1.5 cheaper than today, and at the end of September 2018, Ukrainian gardeners were shipping dessert apples at an average of UAH 7-8 per kg,” the union noted.
The price situation that has developed today, according to the association, was significantly influenced by the record high prices for apples at the beginning of the season: in mid-July, Ukrainian gardeners sold the first consignments of apples for UAH 20-22/kg. Another factor that affected the price situation on the apple market is the delay in the apple season by an average of 7-10 days due to unfavorable weather conditions in the country.
“Also, we note that in April and May in Ukraine several waves of frosts were recorded at once, which affected the gross yield of early varieties. Of course, losses in the segment of apples are not as significant as in the segment of apricots and cherries, nevertheless, Ukrainian producers from the central and western regions reported that crop losses reach 20-30%,” the report says.