Business news from Ukraine


7 October , 2020  

State-controlled PrivatBank in January-August 2020 continues to top the list of profitable Ukrainian banks with a financial result of UAH 18.39 billion, while the largest loss since April 2020 has been recorded by state-owned Ukreximbank (UAH 1.88 billion), according to the data on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).
According to the report, Oschadbank ranked second among the most profitable banks in Ukraine as earlier (UAH 4.44 billion), Raiffeisen Bank Aval ranked third (UAH 2.7 billion), as before, FUIB ranked fourth (UAH 1.85 billion), and OTP Bank ranked fifth (UAH 1.31 billion).
The second position in the list of the most unprofitable banks in January-August continues is occupied by Prominvestbank (PIB, UAH 726.4 million), and Bank Arcada moved to the third position (UAH 444.63 million), which from August 25 was declared insolvent and from September 24 is under liquidated.
Bank Credit Dnipro (UAH 177.19 million) moved from the third to fourth position in the list of the most unprofitable banks, and Pravex Bank (UAH 116.03 million) moved from fourth to fifth, according to the National Bank’s statements.
In the eight months of 2020, solvent banks in Ukraine received UAH 32.64 billion of net profit, which is 26.3% less than in the same period of 2019 (UAH 44.29 billion), in particular state banks declared UAH 21.63 billion (66.3% of profit), banks with foreign capital UAH 7.6 billion (23.3%) and with private capital some UAH 3.41 billion (10.4%).
During this period, 61 out of 75 banks operating in Ukraine were profitable, according to the NBU data.