Business news from Ukraine


26 March , 2018  

Public joint-stock company Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill in Luhansk region, one of Ukraine’s largest cardboard packaging producers, tentatively saw UAH 322.35 million in net profit in 2017, which is a 2.2-fold rise year-over-year.
According to an announcement on holding a general meeting of shareholders scheduled for April 26, undistributed profit as of early 2017 was UAH 711.52 million (UAH 350.48 million a year ago).
As reported, in 2016, the mill saw UAH 147.44 million of net profit compared with UAH 284.84 million of loss a year ago.
The mill said that its current liabilities fell by 34%, to UAH 626.94 million, while noncurrent liabilities soared 2.4-fold, to UAH 487.26 million.
Total bills receivable grew by 23.7%, to UAH 641.2 million, and assets rose by 13.6%, to UAH 2.253 billion.
Net worth as of early 2018 totaled UAH 1.139 billion, including UAH 16.75 million of the charter capital.
The Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill has worked on the packaging market since 1991, and specializes in the production of components for corrugated cardboard (cardboard and fluting) and corrugated cardboard boxes.
Its most important customers are large confectioneries, juice and tobacco producers.