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7 March , 2019  

The Kharkiv international airport is holding the negotiations with Ireland’s low cost airline Ryanair on the launch of flights to Germany, Poland and the Mediterranean countries, Commercial Director of the airport Vladyslav Illin has said in an interview with the V Otpusk publication. “Regarding negotiations with Ryanair, the priority is to start flights to Germany and Poland. Kharkiv, as a market for new destinations, is somewhat similar to Kyiv and to some extent to Lviv in terms of business and family ties with these countries,” he said.
Also, according to Illin, among the countries where Ryanair could fly from Kharkiv, apart from Germany and Poland, I would like to see the Baltic states.
“I think that there is a great potential for the development of flights to Lithuania and Latvia. Passengers from Kharkiv fly less to Estonia. We also discuss flights to the Mediterranean countries with Ryanair. But these plans can only be realized from summer 2020. Indeed, flights to Germany and Poland are less subject to seasonality, “- he said.
At the same time, Illin said that the chance that Ryanair will fly from Kharkiv in the summer time is not great, since almost all aircraft have already used in loading the summer schedule of the airline.
Also, according to the commercial director of the Kharkiv airport, this year the Hungarian low-cost Wizz Air also plans to open new destinations from Kharkiv.
“Also, as in the case of Ryanair, we are discussing with Wizz Air, first of all, the opening of new flights to Germany. In general, in negotiations with Ryanair and Wizz Air, we consider it a priority to open new flights to Germany,” he said.

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