Business news from Ukraine


2 February , 2020  

PrJSC Severodonetsk Azot, part of Group DF belonging to businessman Dmytro Firtash, in 2019 tripled production of mineral fertilizers, to 384,090 tonnes, the group’s press service has said.
Production of ammonium nitrate amounted to 371,660 tonnes (3.8 times more than a year earlier), commercial water ammonia to 1,650 tonnes (36.4% more), carbamide-ammonia mixture to 10,780 tonnes (doubled). Production of non-concentrated nitric acid amounted to 296,200 tonnes, which is 3.7 times more than a year earlier.
“The large-scale and important project for us over the year is the start of production at the new UAN liquid fertilizer plant. The result is as follows: we produced twice as many UANs as a year earlier, when we used the temporary UAN production technological scheme,” the press service said citing chairman of the board Leonid Buhayev.
The report also noted that in addition to the installation of the UAN production facility, projects for the modernization of the ammonia-refrigeration unit in ammonia production workshop 1-A, overhauls in the nitric acid production workshop, the steam supply and general communications department, and a number of other divisions became important for the enterprise’s work.
According to the press service, the total capital investment of the enterprise last year amounted to UAH 32.73 million.
PrJSC Severodonetsk Azot is one of the largest Ukrainian chemical enterprises. It has been part of Group DF since 2011. The core business of the enterprise is production of mineral nitrogen fertilizers.