Business news from Ukraine


15 May , 2018  

The shipbuilding and ship repair industries of Ukraine have good prospects for development due to cheaper metal, labor and electricity. “Of course, in order to develop shipbuilding, we need investments. It is difficult to assess the volume of such investments now. In any case, it is not about ten million dollars. At the same time, we see interest in shipbuilding and developing the industry in our country. The fact is that despite military actions in the east of the country, we have the cheapest metal in the region if to compare with Turkey or Romania, which are the closest competitors of Ukrainian shipbuilders and ship repairmen,” chairman of the Verkhovna Rada subcommittee for maritime and river transport Oleksandr Urbansky said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
At the same time, he noted that the cheapness of workforce has the opposite effect: young professionals leave the country.
He added that the factories now need resources that would allow them to raise wages of such employees by $300-400, which would make labor migration unprofitable. At the same time, enterprises are ready to invest in the training and development of even very young specialists. But business also expects actions from the state. First of all, the matter concerns relevant amendments in the legislation.
The expert stressed that the adoption of the draft law on inland water transport will become a catalyst for the development of shipbuilding in Ukraine.