Business news from Ukraine


4 December , 2019  

State-owned enterprise Ukrspyrt in January-September 2019 received UAH 17.15 million in net profit, or 81% of the plan.
According to the published results of the unscheduled audit of the company, the income of Ukrspyrt for the first nine months of this year amounted to UAH 1.24 billion, or 89% of the plan.
In 2018, Ukrspyrt received UAH 21.61 million in net profit (60% of the plan) and UAH 1.86 billion (76% of the plan) of revenue, according to the audit report.
In addition, during the audit, it was determined that the provision of discounts by the state-owned enterprise on the price of alcohol was non-transparent, as a result of which Ukrspyrt saw a shortage of UAH 119.78 million.
In 2018, Ukrspyrt allocated UAH 112.36 million for maintenance of 15 non-performing enterprises, UAH 80.19 million for the nine months of 2019.
During 2018 and in the nine months of 2019, auditors recorded excess consumption of fuel and energy resources by individual plants for a total amount of UAH 19 million. It was also found that the purchase price of grain crops for the production of alcohol was overstated for a total amount of UAH 8.17 million.