Business news from Ukraine


8 September , 2021  

Stadler (Switzerland) has provided Kharkiv with a modern three-section tram for operational tests, the press service of Kharkiv City Council reports with reference to Dmytro Lipovoy, the director of municipal enterprise Trolleybus Depot No. 2.
“The car is equipped with all the necessary systems for the movement and comfortable transportation of passengers. But first, we must conduct operational tests, that is, to familiarize the technical staff with the design features of the car, to understand how these trams are suitable for our tram tracks, how we can serve this equipment from the point of view of the capabilities of our depots,” he said.
He did not rule out that, based on the results of the tests, the issue of purchasing such trams will be considered.
“In fact, this is the first step in our cooperation, and what it will result in – we’ll see. Perhaps the issue of purchasing such cars will be considered,” Lipovoy said.
As reported, earlier in July the secretary of Kharkiv City Council, Ihor Terekhov, announced the need to update the tram fleet within 3-4 years.

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