Business news from Ukraine


23 May , 2018  

Syngenta in Ukraine in partnership with the USAID project Agriculture and Rural Development Support have created the Club of Strategic Partners of the Fruit and Vegetable Market, the first meeting of which was held in Kyiv on May 22.
The initiators of the club announced at the meeting it will unite producers, processors, retailers and restaurateurs in order to stabilize the fruit and vegetable business and fill the Ukrainian market with vegetables and fruits of domestic production, as well as improve product quality and establish a dialogue and interaction between players.
According to Kseniya Sydorkina, the deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support project, agricultural producers need to adapt the best world practices of agricultural production to remain competitive. New challenges arise for producers and processors, in particular, the introduction of international quality and product safety standards.
“Over the past few years, the needs and preferences of the fruit and vegetable market have changed dramatically. The growth of welfare of the countries in the world creates new consumer preferences for the type, quality, packaging, presentation of agricultural products, which require changing approaches to doing business. Manufacturers, procurers, processors, retail chains need a common platform for an open dialogue and effective partnership. The club of strategic partners is a wonderful initiative,” she noted.
The USAID project Agriculture and Rural Development Support is planned until 2020 and aimed at promoting an integrated and sustainable economic growth through the development of the agricultural sector and the creation of more attractive living conditions in the rural areas of Ukraine.
Syngenta is one of the world leaders in the field of plant protection agents and seed production. The company employs 28,000 people in more than 90 countries.

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