Business news from Ukraine


During his visit to Qatar, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that representatives of the financial sector of Qatar are interested in entering the banking market of Ukraine, the presidential press service said.
“Qatar is interested in entering the Ukrainian banking market. We are also interested and offered options. They are choosing,” Zelensky said.
According to Zelensky, “Qatar is interested in investing in the construction of Ukrainian hotels in Kyiv, Kherson and Odesa, as well as in investing in the construction of a ring road around Kyiv.”
“We invited them [Qatar officials] to the infrastructure, because today we are choosing partners with whom to construct the ring road around Kyiv. I would like to construct it fundamental, large, as there are 200 kilometers, including bridges. This is a very expensive work, about $3 billion, so it will be difficult for Ukraine alone to do it. They are also interested in this,” Zelensky said.
The President of Ukraine said, “during the meeting, the discussion was about Qatari investments in the construction of metro and railways in Ukraine.”
Zelensky also said he is expecting specialists from Qatar at the end of the summer to assess Ukrainian cargo and passenger air transportation.
“We are preparing for the opening of our public airlines, our public air carrier. And I communicate with some partner countries, which of them to take with experience and with modern management. In particular, I communicate with Qatar, because Qatar Airways has a very good experience,” the president said.