Business news from Ukraine


BASF Concern, a leading global chemical company, has started production of innovative fungicide Revysol. According to a press release of the company, first market introductions are expected for the 2019/2020 season, and it would enter the Ukrainian market in 2023-2025.
“BASF has started production of its latest fungicide innovation Revysol at its site in Hannibal. Pending regulatory approval, first market introductions are expected for the 2019/2020 season. With an investment in the double-digit million euro range, BASF has enhanced an existing manufacturing system to produce the new active ingredient,” BASF said in the report.
The company said that Revysol “has the potential of reaching peak sales above EUR 1 billion.” BASF has applied for registration of Revysol in 60 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas for more than 40 crops.
“The proprietary compound was designed to meet the high level of regulatory standards while demonstrating an outstanding performance and selectivity in a broad range of row and specialty crops. Revysol will be available in customized formulations to farmers across the globe and enable them to better protect their crops under various growing conditions,” the company said.

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