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Primary registrations of new commercial vehicles (trucks and special vehicles) in Ukraine in January-November 2021 grew by 40.5% year-over-year, to almost 14,000 vehicles, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
Thus, according to the results of January-November 2021, this market slightly accelerated the growth rate compared to the same period last year. According to the results of January-October 2021, the growth was 39%.
According to the report on the association’s website last week, this dynamics was due to vehicle registrations in November, which increased 1.5 times compared with November 2020 and by 6.2% compared with October this year, to 1,479 vehicles.
Citroen became the market leader, as in October, with registrations growing almost threefold, to 272 vehicles (last year it was fourth in the ranking). The second place belongs to the last year’s leader Renault with 243 vehicles and an increase of 8%. The third result was shown by the FIAT brand with 66 registrations (one third more).
The top five also included Peugeot with 133 vehicles (6% more) and MAZ with 88 vehicles (54% more), which a year earlier occupied the second and seventh places in the ranking, respectively.
In the segment of new trucks with a gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes, according to the data on the website of the AUTO-Consulting information and analytical group, sales in November showed positive dynamics, despite the shortage of cars due to the chip crisis, having grown by 5%, and in January-November 2021, sales rose 37%.
At the same time, analysts said, the shortage changed the leaders’ positions very significantly. The leader of this segment of the market MAZ in November slightly decreased its activity due to the shortage of trucks, but was able to increase sales by 35% in January-November 2021.
“In December MAZ is to set a new post-crisis sales record – to supply more than 1,000 trucks per year. None of the manufacturers have sold so many over the past 10 years,” the group said.
In November, deliveries of European manufacturers also tightened. So, MAN returned the second place with a market share of 10%, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo actively increased sales, and IVECO finished fifth, whose dealers sold all truck deliveries for the near future.
Amid the shortage, sales of Chinese brands – Dayun, Shacmam, JAC, XCMG – have skyrocketed, and Korean Hyundai dealers have also worked well.
The Ukrautoprom association also published statistics on the primary registrations of new buses in Ukraine (including minibuses). In November, the Ukrainian Ataman was able to regain its leadership position, which took the second position a year ago, and in October it was fourth. Registrations of these buses grew by 91% by November 2020, to 44 buses.
The second place also belongs to the Ukrainian manufacturer – Etalon: there are 42 registered buses of this brand versus 10 buses in November 2020 and 19 buses in October 2021. The leader of October, the Turkish Karsan buses, which a year ago had not yet been registered in Ukraine, fell back to third place in November with 20 buses versus 91 buses in October.
The fourth place belongs to the Ukrainian brand ZAZ – 18 buses versus 15 buses in November last year, Bogdan is fifth with 7 buses versus 9 buses.
In November 2020, MAZ buses were in the lead in this market, which in November 2021 were not included in the top ten best-selling buses.
In November 2021, a total of 154 new buses were registered in Ukraine, which is 16.7% more than a year earlier, but 44% less than in October this year.
As reported, by the end of 2020, the primary registrations of commercial vehicles decreased 6% compared to 2019, to 11,600 vehicles. No bus statistics were provided.


Sales of new commercial vehicles in Ukraine (including heavy trucks) in May this year increased by 58% compared to the same month last year, to 1,071 vehicles, and in January-May the demand for them increased by 55%, to 5,175 vehicles, according to the Ukrautoprom association. According to the association’s website, at the same time, sales of these vehicles in May decreased by 15% compared with April 2021. The greatest demand last month, as well as a year ago, was for Renault vehicles, which covered 28% of the new commercial vehicle market – 298 vehicles were registered, which is twice as much as in May last year.
The second place is taken by Belarusian MAZ – 104 registrations and an increase of 76% (in May 2020, the fourth place in the rating), the third place belongs to Fiat, which has 103 vehicles (less by 2%) and a decrease by one line in the rating.
According to the association’s statistics, Peugeot commercial vehicles, which occupied the third place in May 2020, moved to the fifth place in May this year with a drop in sales by 10%, to 63 vehicles.
Compared to last year’s May, sales of Iveco increased significantly from 19 to 42 vehicles, Volkswagen – from 13 to 34 vehicles, Opel – from five to 30 vehicles, and registrations of Russian GAZ increased from nine to 23 vehicles.
The association also provides statistics on bus sales (including minibuses) in May, according to which the initial registrations of these vehicles increased by 2.2% compared to May 2020, and compared to April this year – by 2.1 times, to 190 vehicles.
At the same time, Citroen consolidated its leadership, increasing registrations in May to 90 buses compared to the absence of brand registrations in May 2020 and 27 vehicles in April 2021.
Volkswagen is on the second place with 26 buses sold versus two in April this year and no sales in May last year.
The third place is taken by Renault minibuses (17 vehicles versus four in May last year).
In May last year, the top three included Ford, Peugeot, and MAZ (in May 2021 it was not included in the top ten).
Ukrainian brands in May 2021 took: the fifth place – Ataman buses with ten buses, the seventh place – Etalon with eight buses, and the tenth place – ZAZ with three registered buses.