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The Dobrobut medical network invested more than UAH 300 million in equipment in 2020, plans to increase the volume of investments in 2021, chief operating officer of the network Vadym Shekman has said.
“We want our doctors to work on high-quality equipment. In 2020 we invested more than UAH 300 million in equipment, in 2021, I think, there will be even more,” he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
He noted that the shareholders of the company decided not to distribute dividends.
“The company does not withdraw money, we invest all the money that Dobrobut earns and additional investments in development. Most likely, we will not slow down this pace in the next 3-4 years,” he said.

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The Dobrobut medical network begins expansion in the regions, Ihor Mazepa, the founder and CEO of Concorde Capital, has said.
“The goal is to build a medical ATB. We are going beyond Kyiv and starting regional expansion,” he told Forbs.
Mazepa also said that capex for Dobrobut for the next five years will amount to $200-230 million.
He predicted that Dobrobut will earn $20 million of EBITDA in 2022 and the company’s value during this time “should grow to $200 million.”
“Dobrobut annually grows in sales by 40-45%. Our bet, which we placed on medicine five years ago, is beginning to be seriously paid off. I hope that after some time this business will cost more than $500 million,” he said.
In general, Mazepa estimates the Ukrainian medical market at $8 billion.
“The state still dominates in medicine. But the future belongs to private companies, and in five years they will come to the fore,” Mazepa said.



The Dobrobut medical network (Kyiv) has opened a dermatology and cosmetology center at the premises of one of the centers of the Doctor Sam medical network, which Dobrobut acquired at the end of May 2020.
Dobrobut told Interfax-Ukraine that the center of dermatology and cosmetology was opened on November 9. It will provide both consulting services for dermatologists and cosmetologists, and hardware diagnostics services.
Dobrobut did not announce the volume of investments in the opening of the center.
Earlier, the Dobrobut medical network announced plans to open a medical cosmetology center in the premises of one of the centers of the Doctor Sam network acquired by it in the Holosiyivsky district of Kyiv, which will develop the direction of cosmetology based on deep medical expertise.

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Emerging Europe Growth Fund III, LP (EEGF III) of Horizon Capital has acquired a minority stake in a leading private medical chain in Kyiv city and region – Dobrobut, the company reported on Wednesday.
“Our plans require investment and expertise. Horizon Capital’s capital, knowledge and experience are pivotal in supporting our ambitious strategic plans,” Oleg Kalashnikov, CEO of Dobrobut, said.
According to him, in the nearest future Dobrobut will open another medical facility in Kyiv, 10,000 sq m, which will offer top-notch surgery, oncology and cardiology services.
Horizon Capital’s Founding Partner and CEO Lenna Koszarny said that Horizon Capital’s entry into this strategic sector, together with the backing of our global institutional investors, will play a significant role in the development of healthcare in Ukraine, as it brings capital, transparency, world-class equipment and best practices to this industry.
The participants in the transaction do not disclose its terms, however, Kalashnikov said that “it is not about selling part of the business, this deal is about increasing capital and supporting growth.”
“We have ambitious plans to further develop the company, including opening new clinics, expanding the scope of medical services offered and mastering new skills,” he said.
At the end of March, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine reported that Cypriot Dealbeta Investments Limited, created by Emerging Europe Growth Fund III (EEGF III) managed by Horizon Capital, jointly with an individual-citizen of Ukraine, plan to acquire a controlling stake in Cypriot Satumco Limited, the owner of Dobrobut.
In January 2019, The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine began probing into the acquisition by Cypriot-based Satumco Limited, the owner of Kyiv’s largest private medical chain Dobrobut, of the Boris Clinic, one of the oldest private clinics in Kyiv.
The Dobrobut Medical Center was established in 2001 and previously included branches in Donetsk and Yalta, but now its assets are located in Kyiv and it grew to a large chain. In particular, it currently includes an emergency station, children’s clinics on the right and left banks of Kyiv, clinics for adults on the right and left banks, a hospital for adults and children, pediatric and adult surgery departments, a medical diagnostic center, the Dobrobut Oncology Center, as well as the center of clinical neurology, neurorehabilitation and rehabilitation medicine.
In January 2018, a group of investors from the Concorde Capital investment company and shareholder in the Luxoptica chain of optical stores Oleh Kalashnikov acquired 80% of the Dobrobut chain from UBG (both based in Kyiv). The owner of the UBG corporation was MP Ruslan Demchak (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko parliamentary faction), who retained a 20% stake in the chain.
Currently, according to the public register, Satumco Limited owns 99% in many companies of the chain (Dobrobut Emergency Aid LLC which revenue in 2017 was UAH 38.5 million, Dobrobut Polyclinic Center with UAH 347.8 million, Dobrobut Statsionar Center (in-patient facility) with UAH 48.9 million, Dobrobut Medical Center for Children with UAH 73.6 million, Dobrobut Dytynstvo (Childhood) Center with UAH 22.2 million) and its beneficiaries are owner and head of Concorde Capital Ihor Mazepa and Luxoptica shareholder Oleg Kalashnikov.
In January 2019, Horizon Capital announced that Horizon Capital created the largest equity fund in Ukraine over the past 10 years: EEGF III with $200 million.
Horizon Capital was established in 2006. It manages private equity funds Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF, established in 1994 with a seed capital of $150 million), Emerging Europe Growth Fund, L.P. (EEGF, established in 2006 with a seed capital of $132 million) and EEGF II (EEGF, established in 2008 with $370 million seed capital). The money of these funds is invested in projects in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus.

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The Dobrobut medical network plans by 2020 to open a new medical building, investment in which would be around $20 million, Dobrobut Director General Oleh Kalashnikov said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine. “We are working on a new large building. Together with Philips, we have already developed a large conceptual project and approved a medical task for it,” he said.
Currently, a complete reconstruction of the building with an area of 9,600 square meters, located in Sevastopolska Square in Kyiv, is being held, repair works are under way.
According to the director general of Dobrobut, the medical service will be represented in three segments. “First of all, there will be a Center for Cardiovascular Diseases. We also plan to develop oncology and neurology in the building,” he said, adding that the new building will have five angiographic operating rooms.
At the same time, he said that the network intends to invest in angiography in the near future, which will allow Dobrobut to provide a full range of cardiosurgical services of all kinds, including endovascular ones.
“Regarding angiography and endovascular operations, I think that we will be able to do them in November and, accordingly, to cover the whole range of services,” he said, adding that the tender for the purchase of an angiograph is currently at the final stage.
Kalashnikov also said that since the opening of the Center for Cardiac Surgery early 2017, it has carried out a little more than 450 surgeries, 263 of which have been performed using a minimally invasive method.
In turn, Head of the center Oleksandr Babliak said that the center is the first among cardiosurgical clinics in the world, which began to implement multi-vessel coronary bypass surgeries using a minimally invasive method.

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The Dobrobut medical network plans to open a polyclinic with a space of 2,000 square meters in the settlement of Sofiyivska Borschahivka in February 2019, Dobrobut Director General Oleh Kalashnikov said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine. Investment in the clinic will be UAH 80 million.
“It will be an adult and children’s polyclinic, a one day’s surgery, a recovery ward and 14 rooms for a children’s hospital. We will fully provide endoscopic diagnostics. It would be a fully featured hospital. We view this as an experiment to some extent, because finally, in our opinion, we will open clinics in Boryspil, Brovary and Irpen and cover a larger space,” Kalashnikov said.
At the same time, commenting on plans for regional development in the near future, he said that today the network is focused on the Kyiv’s medical services market.
“For the next two or three years, our plans are focused on Kyiv,” he said.

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