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Over the nine months of 2021, DTEK Energy has allocated almost UAH 1.7 billion for the repair campaign of thermal power plant (TPP) units, station equipment, buildings and structures, the company’s press service said.
According to its data, power engineers have implemented 23 out of 28 planned (including additional) repairs of power units of thermal power plants this year. In particular, 82% of the planned volume of the repair campaign has been completed. The work was carried out at the blocks of Kryvy Rih, Prydniprovska, Zaporizhia, Kurakhove, Luhansk, Burshtyn, Dobrotvirska and Ladyzhin TPPs.
Five unit repairs are underway at Zaporizhia, Kurakhove, Luhansk, Dobrotvirska and Ladyzhin TPPs. By the end of the year, it is planned to implement one more scheduled repair of power units at Burshtyn TPP.
“The task of each participant in the energy market is to do everything in his power to prepare for winter. DTEK Energy’s maneuver capacities have repeatedly supported the Ukrainian energy system, operating at maximum and smoothing out peak periods of electricity consumption. This is especially important during the heating season. Despite the difficult situation on the market, we are investing in the repair of equipment at thermal power plants in order to minimize any interruptions in operation and ensure the stable operation of TPPs, and with them the entire energy system,” CEO of the company Ildar Saleev said.

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DTEK Energy Holding plans to build its second energy storage system with a capacity of 50 MW next year, DTEK Executive Director Dmytro Sakharuk said.
“Now we are considering another 50 MW project, which we will build, I hope, next year,” Sakharuk said during the Kyiv International Forum.
At the same time, he noted that the first 1 MW energy storage system of the company, launched in May of this year, took part in the market of auxiliary services for the first time this week, having worked on it for a day.
“This week we’ve rendered services for the first time – our battery storage worked for 24 hours on the market,” Sakharuk said.
As reported, at the end of September, Ukrenergo certified the energy storage system at Zaporizhia TPP (PJSC DTEK Dniproenergo) with a capacity of ± 1 MW to participate in the market of auxiliary services, which happened for the first time in Ukraine.
DTEK launched an industrial energy storage system of the American company Honeywell with a capacity of 1 MW and a capacity of 2.25 MWh at the site of DTEK Zaporizhia TPP in Energodar on May 20 this year.

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Ukraine needs to import approximately 3.5 million tonnes of thermal coal during the coming heating season, Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko has said.
“Additionally, it is needed to import about 3.5 million tonnes during the heating season in accordance with the coal accumulation schedule,” the minister said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
At the same time, he noted that generating companies – both DTEK and Centrenergo – have begun to conclude contracts for coal imports.
According him, the price of electricity in the market already makes it possible “to calmly buy coal, produce [electricity], sell and earn money.”
“We expect that we will stabilize the situation with coal and will calmly pass the autumn-winter period,” the minister said.
At the same time, he noted that in the heating season of this year, the Ministry of Energy also expects “certain achievements” – the NPP operation with at least 14 units out of 15 operating, as well as, if necessary, especially in December-January, connection of the 15th atomic block to the system. According to his forecasts, gas reserves in underground storage facilities will reach 19.5 billion cubic meters at the beginning of the autumn-winter period.
According to presidential decree 452/2021, promulgated on Monday, which approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) dated July 30, 2021 on measures to neutralize threats in the energy sector, the Cabinet of Ministers must ensure the accumulation of natural gas, reserve fuels and coal by October 31 of this year for the smooth operation of the fuel and energy complex during the heating period 2021/2022, as well as the priority of providing open wagons for shipment of coal products by rail in accordance with the requests of coal enterprises – mines and processing plants. Also, the government needs to ensure the completion of the implementation of measures regarding the readiness of the fuel and energy complex to work in a special period and make appropriate decisions.

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DTEK Naftogaz produced more than 1.1 billion cubic meters of gas in January-July, which is more than 10% more year-over-year, the company said in a press release on Friday.
“The increase in production was made possible due to the implementation of the drilling program in 2020, as well as the completion of drilling of two wells in 2021,” the company said.
In addition, DTEK Naftogaz in 2021 carried out overhaul and stimulation operations, as well as process operations at more than 20 wells of the operating stock, the company said.
“A number of technologies that were applied at the same time were used by the company for the first time in Ukraine. DTEK’s oil and gas business remains a technological leader and a driver for the development of the oil and gas industry in Ukraine,” DTEK Oil & Gas said.
According to the company, by the end of 2021 it is planned to complete the drilling of two more wells and put into operation a modular refrigeration unit at Machukhske field. This will allow reaching a new record production rate in 2021 of 2 billion cubic meters of gas.
“Due to sustainable process development and systemic investments, we ensure the growth of gas production from year to year […]. The use of fiscal stimulating instruments by the government, as well as a stable and transparent regulatory environment, are extremely important for the further effective development of the industry,” CEO of DTEK Oil & Gas Ihor Schurov said in the press release.
By the end of 2020, DTEK Naftogaz increased natural gas production by 10.8% (by 180,000 million cubic meters) compared to 2019, to 1.84 billion cubic meters.

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DTEK Energy, amid low coal stocks at its TPPs’ warehouses, has begun importing thermal coal from Kazakhstan and is negotiating coal supplies from Poland and the United States, the company’s press service has said.
According to the press service, DTEK Energy is actively looking for opportunities to provide TPPs with additional imported coal.
“Despite the increased demand for coal on global markets, we are actually starting to import it. The first batch from Kazakhstan is already on its way. Next week we expect the start of coal supplies from Poland. We are also negotiating the supply of shiploads from the United States,” CEO of DTEK Energy Ildar Saleev said.
According to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, coal stocks in the warehouses of thermal power plants of five power generating companies (DTEK Dniproenergo, DTEK Zakhidenergo, DTEK Skhidenergo, Centrenergo and Donbasenergo) as of Wednesday morning dropped to 754,000 tonnes, which is almost 500,000 tonnes less than the accumulation schedule approved by the ministry on August 11 (1.237 million tonnes).

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DTEK Energy Holding has not abandoned plans to invest in the generation of electricity from renewable sources in Europe, and is now exploring opportunities for this in different countries, CEO of DTEK Renewables Maris Kuniсkis has said.
“Yes, this is in our focus. Plans to invest in Europe remain. As long as there is no stability in Ukraine, we focus on abroad,” he said during the 12th International Ukrainian Energy Forum of the Adam Smith Institute on Friday.
At the same time, he said that, since the market in Europe is also changing, the company has to reorient itself to other countries, abandoning the development of projects in those that were considered in 2020. In addition, Kuniсkis did not disclose the details of possible projects.

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