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The EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has sold part of its digital assets business in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the exchange said on Tuesday.
According to the exchange, EXMO announced the transfer of part of the business to Russian owners and the termination of work with the markets of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, after Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine and started a full-scale war.
The company said that this was done in order to continue to fulfill obligations to customers and stakeholders, as well as to ensure a high level of protection and security.
“It’s been a tough decision for us, since we have spent over eight years building a strong community of crypto enthusiasts throughout the world, adhering to the highest compliance practices and delivering outstanding services to all our clients wherever they lived. However, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as a global group wishes to avoid risking our global expansion plans by operating in such high risk markets,” CEO of the crypto exchange Serhiy Zhdanov said, commenting on the situation.
Kazakhstan clients were also included as a part of the deal, since a new team is based in Kazakhstan. The new owner of the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh digital assets exchange business is the owner of a Russian based software development company, which was one of the vendors to provide engineering services to EXMO during the last three years. user agreement was recently amended to state that Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh residents are no longer being onboarded. Russian Rubles pairs were disabled since April 15, 2022 on
Earlier, the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange created the Save Ukraine Relief Fund to raise funds to help Ukrainian citizens affected by the war.
EXMO’s own contribution amounted to $1 million and has so far collected $594,000 through crypto contributions from exchange users.
EXMO is an international cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014. The platform provides cryptocurrency trading and storage opportunities for more than 2 million traders from all over the world.

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