Business news from Ukraine


The Ukravit Group, a large producer of plant protection agents and micro-fertilizers in Ukraine, has started working in the pharmaceutical and food supplements sphere.
“We entered Chemical Elements Ukraine as owners and partners. This is a Cherkasy-based producer and exporter of raw materials for the pharmaceutical market, former Khimreaktiv. We entered this company with 30% [of shares]. Starting this year we are working in the new sphere for us – pharmaceutical,” Marketing Director Anatoliy Kalantarian told reporters during the ceremony to open a research and development center in Cherkasy.
At the same time, he said that Ukravit intends to produce biologically pure supplements, which in the future will be exported. “We are already negotiating deliveries with some countries, including with the Middle East,” Kalantarian said. According to him, the intellectual base for creating products will be in the research center, production capacities will be new and located in Cherkasy.
In addition, Kalantarian said that in 2019, Ukravit will start selecting their own hybrids of seeds, as well as work on the creation of bio-pesticides. “We are going to cooperate with international scientific institutions when developing products. We are already working with the institute from Switzerland. We are negotiating with Spain, Israel and the United States. We have strategic plans for cooperation with the global scientific community,” he said.
Ukravit is engaged in production and sale of pesticides, fertilizers with microelements, means for destruction of rodents and domestic insects. The group includes Factory of Agrochemicals LLC (Cherkasy) which produces plant protection agents and micro-fertilizers. It produces more than 150 items of products.

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