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The mobile communications operator lifecell jointly with Ringostat call analytics service has launched the service of intellectual processing of calls for corporate clients within the Joint FMC Network service.
“The customer can choose lifecell corporate GSM numbers, for which all incoming and outgoing calls will pass through a virtual PBX Ringostat and automatically be recorded in the call log. This is especially applicable for companies, in which part of the managers work outside the office or there are many branches,” lifecell said.
Among the new features is recording the date and time of the call, its status (accepted, missed, voice mail, etc.), duration, incoming number and the number that was called in the call log of the Ringostat PBX and the automatic audio recording of the conversation.
“At the same time, the information is recorded unnoticed both for the caller and the employee of the company, and also does not affect the quality of communication,” the lifecell company said.
In addition, you can hide all direct numbers of managers – in this case, when managers call, the customer will always see a single company number. With incoming calls, you can also set up an extension system for employees.
In addition, the Joint FMC Network service unites telephone lines of fixed and mobile communication of all offices into one corporate network. In this case, customers are provided with internal short dial numbers.

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