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Japanese corporation Sumitomo will acquire a 51% stake in Spectr-Agro LLC (Kyiv region), a supplier of mineral fertilizers, seeds and equipment to Ukrainian agricultural enterprises. A corresponding agreement was signed between the corporation, Spectr-Agro and Spectr-Agrotechnika LLC on July 11, the Ukrainian company said on Facebook.
“Over 30 years ago, Sumitomo founded the agri-scientific business line (ASBL), starting with the export of plant protection products from Japan, Sumitomo is actively engaged in expanding the supply chain, constantly developing wholesale and retail distribution channels. Today, this activity is carried out in 30 countries around the world. The acquisition of Spectr-Agro is a continuation of the development of Sumitomo’s business in trading in agricultural resources,” the report said.
Spectr-Agro is expected that the acquisition transaction will contribute to the expansion and growth of the company’s activities in Ukraine.
Spectr-Agro was founded in 2009, currently it operates throughout Ukraine. It supplies such agricultural resources as plant protection products, mineral fertilizers, seeds and agricultural equipment to more than 3,500 agricultural producers in the country.
As of October 2017, the company was co-owned by Vasyl Skarlat with a 50% stake, Maria Lavreniuk with 25%, and Volodymyr Lobach with 25%.
In the third quarter of 2017, the company posted UAH 28.205 million in net profit, its revenue was UAH 2.999 billion.

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